Doctor Khumalo’s ex-wife is living a soft life

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It’s common knowledge in South Africa that many beautiful women are living extravagant lives thanks to their marriages to famous professionals from the Premier Soccer League.

These gorgeous women go to exotic locations and indulge in a wide range of high-end purchases. 

Nolly-Branche Garises, originally from Namibia but now a household name in South African sports, used to be a flight attendant. Previously, she was married to Doctor Khumalo, a superstar player and one of the PSL’s wealthiest players. After being married in Namibia in 2007, they became “it.” 

This couple’s relationship did not last through the years. Nolly-Blanche filed for divorce from the football icon after eight years of marriage, alleging in her petition that he had cheated on her and seriously hurt her. The breakup between Nolly-Blanche was widely reported, but since then, neither member has spoken publicly. She has recently joined Chas Everitt’s Sandton office as a Candidate Property Practitioner. 




We now know that she routinely travels between Sandton, South Africa, and Namibia, where she has a golf estate, to satisfy her golfing whims, all thanks to her active Instagram account. 

She was in Namibia’s coastal city of Swakopmund toward the year’s end, and she was spotted out on the ocean enjoying the scenery. In case it weren’t enough, Nolly-Blanche also has connections to powerful people. Kefilwe Mabote, a Candidate Property Practitioner at Chas Everitt and a talented fashion blogger, is close with the lovely Namibian. This is what her Instagram feed reveals about her. 

Garises Nolly-Branche, a woman who is always dressed to the nines in the latest trends. She never leaves the house or the office without looking fabulous. 

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