Doctor Khumalo has an eye for the most beautiful woman| see recent pictures of his Ex-wife

If you want to know what a complete South African footballer looks like, you don’t have to look any further than Doctor Khumalo. If you watch a few tapes of him, you might realize that he had everything. He was best known for being calm and skilled. We live in a generation that needs a little spice in their football, and Khumalo is that spice.

I don’t want to talk too much about Doctor Khumalo’s football career, but when he was at his best, he was also popular with the ladies. As expected, his girlfriend had to be one of the most attractive women in the area. When we finally found out that he had won the heart of Namibian beauty Blanche Garises, it wasn’t a big surprise.





As a football player who was popular with the ladies, you might have thought he wasn’t going to walk down the alley. Best believed it, and it turned out to be true—he became a kept man. He had to take that step because he was so attractive in Namibia. Things did not go as planned, though, and they ended up in divorce court. This is because love always has its ups and downs.

Blanche was a beauty queen, so it’s no surprise that she was a bright light during her marriage. Now, many years have passed since the couple broke up. People may think that as she has gotten older, she has lost some of her beauty. Blanche has grown up so well, like a fine wine. She has gotten even more beautiful since she was young.