Do you still remember Sophie Ndaba aka Queen from Generations? This is her lookalike

Sophie Ndaba is a South African personality who has overcome adversity and deserves a break. The experienced actress is still going strong despite all that she’s been through. After a period of sudden and inexplicable weight loss, Sophie Ndaba revealed to the people past years that she had been diagnosed with sugar diabetes. Despite her formidable strength, she insists on enjoying life to the utmost. Rumours have been circulating online past months ago that she has moved on from her nasty divorce from her third husband, Max Lichaba.

After she dramatically lost weight, some of her pictures surfaced on social media and heartless people made fun of her. As strong as she is, Sophie didn’t let critics bring her down. In fact, she came out on top amidst the gossips.





There is a lady that most people would think is Sophie Ndaba at first glance. She looks exactly like her and the lady I’m talking about is Rudo, her daughter. Sophie Ndaba’s daughter is her mother’s ‘mini-me’. The mommy daughter duo could pass as siblings or twins. From the foreheads the smiles and their eyes, Rudo definitely got all of that from her momma. By looking at their photos you cannot easily tell who is who.

Your baby’s looks are all part of their genetic make-up and the various combinations of DNA that are working to make your baby who they are. As the genes mix together, some are dominant, while others are suppressed, and other genes will never be at all.

Sometimes a child will look slightly more like one parent than the other, while sometimes they seem to morph from one to the other in an uncanny resemblance. Then you have children who are a striking resemblance to one parent and literally show no similarities to the other.