Do You Remember Zitha Langa From #Generations; See Where She Is

Do you remember Zitha Langa from Generations: The Legacy, its been a while we have not see her in out tv. It’s sad that sje has disappeared without a trace.

Mzansi have been searching for her ever-increasing she was fired from Generations: The Legacy. There has been no lead of her appearance on our television and this has rose too many questions to those who are following her.

Zoe Mthiyane is popular known as a South African actress and singer who rise to fame when she took of being a singer lead in an opening vocalist of The Legend of Tarzan movie back in 2016. She is best known for playing Zitha Langa in Generations: The Legacy.

Zoe Mthiyane was once in a relationship with Rapulane Seiphemo who is popular known as Tau Mogale from Generations. The couple were once best couple that mzansi could ever seen in the soapie. They were even engaged and ready to get married. It’s sad that their relationship did not take time until they broke the engagement.

Her relationship with Rapulane Seiphemo ended in a messy breakup because of infidelity. It ended badly for Zoe Mthiyane because she did not only lose her future husband but she also lost her job as an actress in the show.

During the time she was fired by the Generations producer it was revealed that she is dealing with her personal matters this come after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. According the actress were bullying one of background workers from the show who was having an affair with.

Till today we have not see or heard anything about her. Her whereabouts left mzansi thinking she could have been blocked to the industry. It’s not suprising we have see other being blocked in the industry.

We hope and believe she can come back as her fans still miss her. In her social media page, its been a while she has not posted anything. Her pictures during the time she was still acting in Generations has also been removed and the once with Seiphemo Rapulane has also been removed. It seems like she has been posting any of her recent pictures in a long time.