Do you remember the pots lady? Check out her recent pic that caused a stir on Twitter

One thing about people on social media they don’t forget. You can something and think they will forget, but years later they will remind you what you that.

About 7 years ago on the 10 March 2016 SABC 2 reality show Speak Out had a video that went viral for weeks in South Africa after a young lady from Limpopo who appeared on the show who couldn’t explain herself very well when she was asked a simple question. Dingaan Mokebe, the presenter of the show asked her “Where are the pots” and her response was “I made the things that cannot make that pot to be done”, a response that left many South African in stitches.




People remember this lady like it was yesterday the shocking part is that they still have the video clip of her after all these year’s. Someone on Twitter just decided to wake up and remind South Africans about the lady by posting her recent picture looking fresh and beautiful, below is what the Twitter user shared:

After seeing her recent picture people were impressed by how she looked, but some people were still standing on the word saying they didn’t forget about the pots, the want to know where are the pots.

I guess it’s true when they say you can change how you look and try to change how you behave, but people will never forget what you did it can take years and years. But if they see something ones they will never forget it and they will always remind you.

Imagine when did this happen about 7 years ago, but people still remember, you can even find out that those ladies got their pots, but knowing people on social media they want to make sure she remembers what she did 7 years ago.

Below there is a video to remind you what happened that day, just in case you forgot or you don’t know, just click on the first link below.