Do You Remember Thando from Isencane Lengane? See photos of her in real life

Five years ago, “Moja Love,” a drama, was presented at a high school in South Africa. Two young Zulu people’s love affair was at the heart of the narrative. In the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Thando Msomi wed Siyacela Dlamuka. Mzansi developed an intense obsession with them. This year, Mzansi hasn’t yet begun a brand-new season. Lengane gave a performance for his devoted fans on Saturday night.







In the series finale, Thando’s pregnancy was revealed as a key narrative aspect. Mzansi was ecstatic to get the news and hoped for the best result. On last night’s episode of Isencane Lengane, she gave birth to a stunning child, and South Africa was very impressed.

A baby shower for Thando was held on Sunday in Durban in honor of the second season of Isencane Lengane. Please email me some pictures of her family.