Do You Remember Rachel Kunutu From #SkeemSaam. SEE Where She Was Spotted

Guess who is back on our screen…Rachel Kunutu, the one and only. Rachel Kunutu is back guys and Generations fans is so excited that the viewers rate is now going to increase rapidly since Rachel Kunutu has join Generations. Charles kunutu is going to gloat to the whole of turf community that ngwana Buti Ben is on Generations the legacy.

After so long in search of SkeemSaam actress popular known as Rachel Kunutu, mzansi has finally spotted her in TV again. Lesego Marakalla who is a South African actress best known for playing her role of Rachel Kunutu. SkeemSaam viewers has always had a hope that the actress Lesego Marakalla will come back to SkeemSaam.





Mzansi most loved actress Rachel is now on Generations, the founder of soft life. The last time we heard about the actress was when she left SkeemSaam following that she is going back to school. It’s been years we have not seen Her in tv. Since she left SkeemSaam she has been quite until few days back when she celebrated her birthday.

Mzansi has finally find Lesego Marakalla. The actress has been around Gauteng all along. In her recent pictures her locations was Soshanguve and Sandton. Her fans were left happy after seeing her debut in Generations. Her fans were surprised to see her in Generations. Rachel has been the one scaring Sphe with thee flowers Generations loves stubborn characters she’ll be another victim soon.

Thjs time SkeemSaam fans have a hope that sje will come back to #SkeemSaam again. They have hope that Rachel Kunutu will come back.

Do you think Rachel Kunutu will come back to #SkeemSaam, what is your thoughts. Let’s share views and opinions.

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