Do You Remember “Phuza Gogo” ; See What Happened To Her In #SengKhathele. (Watch)

Do you remember Phuza Gogo who once breaks the internet when she was seen dancing in a Tarven with a bottle of alcohol in her head? She recently made her appearance in #Sengkhathele today’s episode. Mzansi could not believe that it’s her who was seen in the video.

Her boyfriend wrote to #Sengkhathele because he wanted to break up with after he has begged her many times to stop drinking too much. He has been begging her to stop coming back at midnight but she keeps doing the say. Bra T looks like a good man who is looking forward to living a life with her but the problem is an alcohol. The problem is that they both drink and when they are drunk their relationship become toxic.





It’s better for a man to drink and not woman. Being a woman and drinking alcohol is always a turn off to many man as their relationship ends up in toxic. The relationship always have violent inside and some couple end up abusing each other. The talented “Phuza Gogo” whose real name is Mam Maria is 47 years old but does not look her age while her boyfriend is 54 years old. Because of alcohol she looks older while her boyfriend looks young.

At first it was funny, but after hearing that she’s sick with some chronic stuff and sometimes doesn’t have food made me sad. Tweeps has blamed the man for bring her her in tv and she might not take her medications because of stress and the embarrassment. Mzansi fear that she’s going to drink more now that she’s dumped.