Do you Remember Peter Teneat: King of Shangaan music

Peter Teanet, a popular South African disco musician, had Shangaan roots. His new home at Bolobedu’s Thapane was to the south of Ga-Modjadji. His sad death at the hands of a police officer occurred on July 13, 1996, close to Bushbuckridge. He went to high school in Moleketla Village, Bolobedu, at Kgwekgwe.

A police officer shot him dead in a bar, ending his life.

He was only 30 years old when he passed away.

He still had a long and productive life ahead of him because to his youth and vitality.



His music has not fared well with the passage of time.

He began his musical career in the church choir and later learned himself to play the piano.

After relocating to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music and write a classic “rags to riches” tale, he experienced meteoric fame.

He finished his career with a string of hits that included “Divorce Case,” “Maxaka,” “Saka Naye Jive,” and “The Black Force.”

Teanet, as the undisputed king of Shangaan disco, was instrumental in drawing attention to South Africa on a global scale. He collaborated with the likes of Papa Penny (a buddy), Foster Teanet (his younger brother), and Joe Shirimane (a singer-songwriter who has won multiple awards), among others, throughout his career. Many people attribute the introduction of singing to him in Xhonga society.

He found lasting love eight times and used it to produce a brood of 13 offspring. His wife frequently accompanied him onstage as a backing singer.

Peter Teanet will forever have the title of South Africa’s most accomplished singer. This fact is unchangeable at this time. The eternal soul of Peter Teanet deserves to find peace here on Earth.

Do those of you who were adults in the ’90s recall him?

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