Do you remember Mapula from Rhythm City? She has finally overcome her struggles

When popular ETV soapie Rhythm city was canned not so long ago, the struggle to secure new opportunities gripped most of the cast.

One of them was Mapula Mafole who even went on social media networking site to profess that it would not be easy to land a new role.

Mapula had been part of the Rhythm City cast for many years and her role suited her personality.

Well, after months of struggling to bag a new role, the doors have finally opened for her.



When the opportunity came to star in Season 3 of Unmarried that airs on 1 Magic Mapula Mafole grabbed it with both hands.

She is set to feature on the production and she is excited about the opportunity that has presented itself to her.

Mapula is optimistic that she will ace her role and attract even bigger roles in the near future.

Now Mapula plays Rea on Unmarried Season 3 as a lead alongside Khanya Mkangisa and Florence Mokgatsi.

The 31 year old has also previously appeared on Generations: The Legacy as well as Intersexions, Saints and Sinners.

Those were just cameo roles and her biggest breakthrough was on Rhythm City.