Do you know how old Sphe from Generations: The Legacy is?

The level of maturity makes one to be assumed older or younger than their actual ages. Have you ever wondered how old Pearl Monama could be in real life?





Pearl Noxolo Monama is a South African actress best known for her acting role ‘Sphe Moroka’ on the SABC 1’s popular soap opera; Generations: The Legacy. We all know that on Generations: The Legacy, Sphe is a medical doctor, married to Mazwi Moroka; played by Musa Ngema and she is also a mother to her daughter; Rorisang. Mazwi and Sphe got married through an arranged marriage. The arranged marriage was set up to strengthen the relationship between the Moroka and Cele families.

Well, Pearl Noxolo Monama is quite different from the Sphe character. She is hyper, loves exercising and apparently also the dancer. This talented actress was born at Witbank in Mpumalanga province on the 10th of December in the early 90s. According to internet, she is between the ages 28 and 29. Pearl’s Education and Qualifications is Film and Drama Studies which she studied and obtained at the University of Pretoria.

Surely some of you never thought that this actress could be this young when it come to her age. Judging by the character she plays on Generations: The Legacy, her physical appearance and maturity level, you would see that she is between the ages 35 to 40.