“Do not cover my freckles” Hulisani Ravele tells makeup artist. Leaving fans astonished with look.

Every person has some kind of uniqueness in them. It helps to distinguish them from the rest of the people. It’s entirely about to a person as to how they choose to embrace their uniqueness. It’s beautiful to stand out because no one wants to be the same as others.




Hulisani Ravele is one of the child stars that have grown to be very beautiful and still maintaining her entertainment career. She’s now on both radio and television. She’s working on 947 FM, where she enjoying the job. She’s gained a new gig on television where she touches on different cultures in South Africa.

She has freckles which she embraces with so much confidence. She shared a picture of herself clearly showing her beautiful freckled face. She’s mentioned how she doesn’t want makeup artists covering them up. And after seeing this picture we totally understand. They define her and make her look even more beautiful.