Do not become desperate in a relationship, see what Khwezi is doing in skeemSaam.

Khwezi storyline is now boring people. She just don’t give up and it’s now boring most of the viewers including me. Lehasa wants nothing to do with her and she does not understand that , Lehasa married her just for the sake of the baby.

Pretty and Lehasa love seem so real. They truly love each and they deserve to be together. I feel sorry for Pretty because Lehasa pushed her away during her pregnancy and she was forced to do an abortion. She has to understand that , pregnancy does not keep a man , he will stay only if he want to.


Mind you , Khwezi only wants money nothing more. Even her family wants money from Lehasa.

Tonight’s episode , Khwezi embarrassed herself. She prepared a romantic picnic in their room. Unfortunately Lehasa was not interested , he went to sleep on the couch. She is desparate and she will end up loosing her mind.

Do you think Lehasa will forgive Khwezi?

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