Dloz’lami: Woman falls ill because of her husband neglecting his “outside” children

Dloz’lami is a show on Moja Love hosted by national treasure, Thembi Nyathi. She is our host and medium, her job entails relaying messages from the departed and giving them to those still alive. She is often called as a late resort and attempts to make things right.

This week she was helping a woman who was sick.

This week a woman wrote to the shoe because she had fallen ill and no one could tell her what the true cause was. She was given mixed messages whilst consulting and finally decided Thembi could be the one to bring truth and closure. I’m sure she did not regret that when Thembi arrived.

I am never skeptical when it comes to our host. This time it was about the husband. It turns out he had cheated on his wife and conceived two children outside of their marriage! He never even paid damages for those children and his relationship with them was frayed. It was causing his wife to get sick.
Social Media Response




People were annoyed by this turn of events and of how this man had conceived two children outside of his marriage.

One user observed, “Having kids outside of your marriage will bring you problems after problems #Dlozlami”

While another user wrote, “I really hope that he treats this matter with urgency considering how it is now affecting his wife. #DlozLami”

A disgruntled user wrote, “Having kids outside your relationship is a slow killer shame #Dlozlami”

A final user wrote, “Nah but Dlozis ?(ancestors) attacking everyone for one persons mistake is crazy #DlozLami”

I have to say, it surprises me that the innocent party here would be affected by one man’s error. I would assume, as many do, that the anger and punishment would be reserved for the husband. Alas it was not. I sincerely hope introducing the children to the ancestors helps.

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Source: Dloz’lami on Moja Love DSTV channel 157