Dloz’lami: “They underground gang wants a DNA test” viewers react to ancestors wanting proof

Dloz’lami is a show on Moja Love that tackles the reality of stagnation and frustrations amongst South Africans. Specifically, any spiritual ailments that are impeding progress. This week a struggling child was caught in the middle of a ancestral showdown.

His mother wrote to the show to receive help with this.

This week Sis Thembi was called by a desperate mother to help her with her son. The poor little boy was dealing with deep concentration issues, visions and epileptic episodes when he doesn’t have epilepsy. It is quite heartbreaking that a young boy is having his life interrupted this way.

However, what caught the viewers attention was the ancestors. They were doubling Violet’s story about her sons paternity. They even went as far as to ask for a DNA test! I have never heard of such in my life and the result was quite shocking.

Viewers couldn’t help but linger on that part of the episode. I think because testing DNA is such a Western idea, it feels wrong for African ancestors to demand it. Perhaps Thembi was being kind and making what was really being said. But a mother will do anything for her child and her agreeing to take the test proves just that.

Social Media Response




One viewer wrote, “Hao the undergrounds also want DNA tests #DlozLami”

Whike another suspicious viewer wrote, “Sisters Come Clean, Why The Underground Are Demanding A DNA Test If You Were Really Intimate With Katlego Only? #Dlozlami”

A final viewer wrote, “The underground gang needs a DNA? ๐Ÿค” ALSO why is the lady agreeing to paternity when she only slept with Katleho๐Ÿ˜‚ #Dlozlami”

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Source: Dloz’lami on Moja Love DSTV channel 157