Dloz’lami: Thembi helps a woman struggling to leave her broken marriage

Dloz’lami is a show on Moja Love hosted by Thembi Nyathi. She helps people get over the obstacles standing in their way via a consultation with her. Her medium services are underrated in my opinion, she truly is able to get to the heart of the matter.

This week she helped a woman with a soft spot for her abusive husband.

Manku wrote to the show to connect with her dearly departed and she got a real chance to do that. Her mother showed up and before they could start with the niceties, she enquired about her daughters marriage. Manku’s mother wasn’t shy about telling her daughter to leave and go back home to her grandmother.



Manku explained that she had a soft spot for the man and being the father of her children didn’t make it easier to understand. Children need healthy and happy parents, if they aren’t happy together, the kids are the first ones who usually notice.

People felt bad for Manku and her inability to cut ties with her estranged partner.

One user wrote, “Harden that soft spot Sis #Dlozlami”

While another disgruntled user wrote, “Soft spot my [behind] #Dlozlami”

It breaks my heart to know that women feel compelled to stay in marriages regardless of how they feel in them. I wish that we could teach people that walking away from a marriage is okay, even with children involved. It is better to be divorced than mistreated.

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