Dloz’lami: Sis Thembi teaches that grandmothers are our living ancestors

Dloz’lami is back for season five and we kicked off the season with a generational issue. The show revolves around Thembi Nyathi assists people by communicating with their ancestors. Depending on what kind of problem is it, she will mediate and often go through as ritual to help you.

She met a Venda family this week and had to intervene in their life.

Fhulufhelo wrote to the show to seek guidance and clarity of her own life, discovering in the process that many things were wrong in her bloodline. Thembi addressed the lingering spirits around the house and ways to help deal with that particular problem.




When it came to speaking on Fhulufhelo’s own illness it became obvious there was a fight over her from her paternal side. However, Thembi quickly revealed that her paternal grandmother was a living ancestor. The concept was truly beautiful. She was the one who cleanse and prayed over Fhulufhelo’s life and promised to be a good ancestor once she passes.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, “Amen🙏🏽 Our Gogos (grandmother’s) are our living ancestors #Dlozlami”

While another commended the grandmother for being open, writing, “Yoh. At least Gogo is freely giving details #Dlozlami”

While one user was jokingly envious of the moment, writing, “Don’t we all need these ancestors to promise us to be good when they get to the other side? 🥺

“Your so fortunate”- Thembi #Dlozlami”