Dloz’lami: Sis Thembi teaches that family homes should never be sold to others in the family

Families are often complicated. We are all bonded by blood but it never stops us from hurting one another. Some issues go unaddressed and can end up causing resentment within people. This was the case this week on Dloz’lami.

A man learned his family was holding so much resentment against him.

Dloz’lami is show on Moja Love hosted by Thembi Nyathi. Her Job entails helping people who feel there is a decline in their lives. This week she helped a man realise that his insistence stay in his family home after buying it was not the right move.

She revealed this action caused his family to be bitter and angry about it. The result being that his life with his family was falling apart. His daughter got injured in the house and more was coming because of his family members. His wife was already uncomfortable living there and her late mother agreed it was time to leave.

Social Media Response




People believed it was wrong for the man to purchase the family home for his own family.

One user wrote, “Die Topie (This old man) must get his own house 🏠 and leave family house #Dlozlami #DloziLami”

While another wrote, “#Dlozlami Don’t buy your parents house and turn it your home with your children. Never!!!”

I think this case was something I anticipated. A lot of unspoken animosity amongst families can manifest itself into witchcraft and ill will. I’m hopeful that with Thembi’s encouragement the family will vacate the house to protect themselves from further harm.