Dloz’lami: Sis Thembi explains why you must consult before changing your surname

This week on Dloz’lami we were faced with quite the dilemma as we had to help Tebogo, a man who brought a wondering spirit of his estranged father. The level of evil his father was capable of led Thembi to give us all a lesson about surnames.

But it was still a overall terrible episode though, especially his father.

I never knew that there were ways for spirits to influence everything here in the real world . I’ve seen the most now with this guest. Thembi warned that because surnames are so powerful, they’re your first defense in that world. To entrust them recklessly will block your path.





Tebogo didn’t listen when his mother warned not not to do that As it turns out, she was correct. The spirit Tebogo invited may have been her father but his rapist energy permeating through the house. He chose poorly and innocent people went through the most because of that.

Social Media Response

People were shocked that an innocent gesture mime this can end up being so horrible.

One user wrote, “Don’t listen when they tell you to change your surname if your parents were never married. Just keep your maternal surname for the sake of peace! #Dlozlami”

While another user wrote, “Usually its men who feel some typa way for using their maternal surnames. That mentality has to change. There’s nothing wrong with using yo mom’s surname if yo dad didn’t do right by u. What an episode 🙌🏽🔥🔥#Dlozlami”

Personal Thoughts

It’s clear now that last names are important. They are not just a decoration. They tell a story of where you’ve been and where you’re coming from. Hopefully Tebogo changes his last back to the family that was actually there for him in his life. Not the man who was a spiritual terrorist for his own family. I can’t imagine the amount of sadness he feels knowing his own actions brought am a rapist ancestor closer.

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