DLOZ’LAM-Sis Thembi Gives Strong Word Of Advice-LISTEN

Dloz’lam-Sis Thembi saydn:At some point you need to stop telling people what’s happening with your life.

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Sis Thembi always gives the best advices ever because they are true and they help you alot in life.

Sis Thembi is a seer ,she has a special gift that no one else will ever have hence she has a show called Dloz’lam on channel 157.

This show is meant to help so many families who are facing or are having difficulties in life and who also wants to find closure from their deceased parents or rather family members.

Sis Thembi wrote this on Instagram:with Cation “At Some point you need to stop telling your friends what’s going on with your life”.

It is very true ,some friends are enemies of progress in your life.


Some friends will always be there for you pretending that they love you meanwhile they are busy eating you in corners.

Friends are very bad especially if you are a married man or married woman .

If you dare tell them what’s going on with your marriage, some of them will advise you to leave your marriage while they want to come in.








Some will advice you badly and tell you to do this and that.

Friends are just bad for us ,even when you are not married because they are so jealous, when you find a job,promotion at work they will always be jealous of you and start to find plots against you.

Writers Opinion

It’s true what she is saying,friends are not good for us ,they are bad and we should be very much careful òf them.

What’s your take on the matter ? Do you think one should not have friends in life.

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