DloziLami: A Day Before This Week’s Episode, Thembi Shares This Message


To some viewers, it probably feels like the week went by so quickly, but we cannot complain because we will get to see Thembi on our screens again tomorrow night and things are about to get even more interesting.

Now, there were so many reactions after last week’s episode and there was definitely a good reason for people to watch that particular episode. Just to remind those who might have already forgotten, the show featured a lady called Lerato, she needed guidance from her late mother and Thembi was there to assist.

We saw what happened in that episode, with all the reactions coming in, there had to be a message from Thembi and obviously, there was.

One thing about Thembi, she is always motivating people on social media, but she does way more than that, she actually gives spiritual direction on things that are usually ignored and one gets to understand this every week.

So, the message that Thembi shared with us this week had to do with healing, energy and past struggles and there is true value in all of that.

Everyone can heal and this does not necessarily mean that the damage is no longer there, we just find ways to go about our lives without that, having control over us. Then, Thembi also mentioned energy, what we got to understand here is that, it needs to be protected simply because it is expensive.

We are all guilty of not seeing the importance of this, we all know when something feels right and because we get too clouded by other things, we lose people with energy that matches ours. Basically, we should stop giving our energy to people who do not deserve it, do so if it feels right.


With all of this said, people will probably have a different view when it comes to this and it is totally fine to disagree with certain sentiments. The last message that Thembi shared was about how there will be people in your life who will genuinely be happy for you when you receive blessings and those who will not be.

And sometimes, the people who are not happy that you are doing well are those who know you, they know what you have been through to get to where you are, they know your past struggles.

It is unfortunate that we live during a time like this, but we are all trying to figure things out and this is one of the reasons why there are a lot of people who appreciate the work that Thembi does.

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