DLOZILAM: Secrets Revealed

Matshidiso is concerned about her son, who drinks excessively and is unstable in his personal life. She asked Thembi for help in determining what was wrong with her son and how they could fix it. However, Thembi exposed her for cheating on live television.

You come in for advice, and you leave with a new revelation. Being caught cheating. Sis Thembi is always calling out cheaters. Exposing family issues on television is not for the faint of heart. Whatever happens in the dark is always revealed.






Women will still seek a family consultation despite knowing that their child’s paternity is in doubt. This jeopardizes the entire consultation because the medium cannot destroy a family during a consultation by saying such things.

The family became overly excited and began sharing extremely personal information. I have the impression that there is more to what they are saying. They are well aware of what they have done, and it is unquestionably wrong. Gogo is blaming someone for her death, which may have consequences for her grandchildren.

Sibusiso needs to change his ways and mature. His father must introduce him to the ancestors, who claim to be unfamiliar with him. At the very least, Gogo is providing them with solutions to make their lives easier. Sibusiso is the center of attention. I hope he receives blessings as a result of this.

Sis Thembi educates us about idlozi by explaining everything in detail and having a clear understanding of ancestors as a whole. Sis Thembi gets right to the point with no frills.

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