DJ Zinhle’s mother excited to see Zinhle and her husband on the billboard.

Every child needs a supportive parent in their lives. Someone who believes in their dreams more than anyone. That’s why children who get enough support from their homes, become more successful from anything. Believing in your child doesn’t mean that you think they are a perfect and not expect mistakes from them.

DJ Zinhle is one hardworking lady. Of course we can’t praise her without praising her Era by DJ Zinhle team that works very hard to make sure the brand becomes successful. It doesn’t only take a village to raise a child but also businesss. You can’t do it alone.

Her mother has been very supportive as she even visits their offices. Her big sister, Gugulethu Mtshali shared a video of their mother wearing Era by DJ Zinhle studs. She goes bananas after seeing a billboard of Zinhle and her husband. This woman is a Rockstar. How she doesn it at her age remains