DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy recently left Mzansi gobsmacked with adorable pictures of their daughter

A good father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He’s a pillar of strength, support, and joy. His work is endless and, sometimes, thankless. But in the end, it shows in the sound, well-adjusted children he raises. The role of a father is always changing in our modern world. One of the most important things between a father and his children, is to spend quality time together.




Spend time with your child. How a father spends his time reveals to his child what is important to him. Kids grow up quickly and the time to bond is now. There are plenty of fun ways to spend family time with children. Murdah Bongz who is a musician is one of the most amazing fathers in Mzansi, he loves spending quality time with her daughter with DJ Zinhle.

The amazing father can’t stop gushing over his daughter, he always shares her remarkable pictures on Instagram. He recently shared adorable pictures of his daughter as he gushed over her with her cuteness. His post left Mzansi absolutely gobsmacked as his daughter is just beautiful. DJ Zinhle also commented on his post by saying that thier daughter is a happy little girl.