Dj Zinhle speaks on people calling her bossy and a bad friend to Pearl Thusi

Dj Zinhle slams claims that she is a bad friend to Pearl Thus

i. In a video posted on tik-tok dj Zinhle speaks about her friendship with Pearl Thusi. DJ Zinhle said that people always say that she is a bad friend and also is a mean girl but she asked her followers if they think that Pearl Thusi would continue to be her friend if she was a bad friend.



Dj Zinhle also said that Pearl Thusi is not the kind of girl to sit back and take mean girl attitude so even if she was a mean friend Pearl Thusi would not stand for it. DJ Zinhle also said that people are so used to making her be the bad person. Fans commented and agreed with her that Pearl Thusi wouldn’t take it if Dj Zinhle was bossy.

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