DJ Zinhle snuggles next to her mother in recent post by her big sister.

No matter how well respected you or how big you are in the society, you will always be a child to your parents. That’s why it isn’t a surprise to them when we behave like children when they are around. It just comes naturally to us when they are around.




DJ Zinhle might be an award winning DJ and businesswoman but she remains a child her siblings and mother are around. She has made a huge name for herself over the years. She comes from a family of four where she is the third born. Now she’s a married woman with two children.

Her and her siblings are very close. Her big sister shared a cute picture of her with her head on her mother’s shoulder. She looks like a child that it is so cute to watch. Seeing her mother reminds us just how much Asante looks like her. We see you Zinhle.