DJ Zinhle shares a cute photo of her and Kairo

Kairo Owethu Forbes is a South African child influencer and media personality who has gained popularity through her parents’ fame. Conceived on the 8th of July in 2015, the 8-year-old as of 2023 is the daughter of the famous late South African rapper, Kiernan Jarry Forbes, who was better known as AKA. Ntombezinhle Jiyane(DJ Zinhle) who is currently holding the title of being the best disc jockey in Africa is the mother of Kairo. She is one amongst a myriad of South African kids who are being raised under comfortable circumstances and have never tasted poverty.As seen on her social media platforms and on her mother’s reality television show, The Unexpected,





Kairo Owethu Forbes seems to have always been a child who is always happy, free spirited and hyperactive. She loves and enjoys learning something new everyday and being a little baker in the kitchen. The news of her dad’s death stole her happiness and left her confused with a lot of tricky questions to answer. Although she seems to be adapting now, she dearly misses her death and the thoughts of not being able to see him again makes her numb. Kairo Forbes dearly loved Kiernan Forbes and she was much more closer to her dad.The death of Kiernan Forbes has caused DJ Zinhle and Kairo to be much closer than they were to each other than before. DJ Zinhle has shown all her love and support in this difficult time in her child’s life. Kairo stayed with her father and his family but it now seems as if DJ Zinhle has taken her to stay with them(her husband and her last borm daughter). DJ Zinhle always shares beautiful pictures of her and Kairo lately and below are some of them. DJ Zinhle has recently posted a stunning picture of her and Kairo on a professional shoot matching in black outfits. She expressed her love to Kairo by tagging Kairo on her caption and wrote “I love you”. Below is the recent picture she shared.