Dj Zinhle shared cute video of baby Asante singing to song

Dj Zinhle shares cute video of baby Asante singing along to one of Aka’s song. DJ Zinhle took to her Instagram stories and shared a cute moment between Kairo and her sister Asante. In the video Kairo and her baby sister Asante were singing Aka’s song “Company”. It looked like they were listening to Aka’s music as they traveled. Although Asante could hardly sing the words but she was dancing along and even did some of the actions. Kairo was also singing along to her late father’s song.



Kairo has been listening to her father’s music more since his tragic death. It’s so nice to see that Asante too is also learning his songs with her sister. We always love seeing cute videos of DJ Zinhle’s and Murdah Bongz daughter. She is absolutely adorable. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.