Dj Zinhle share the pictures from Asante birthday party

It was beautiful

Dj Zinhle has taken it to social media to share the pictures from her youngest daughter birthday. Asante looked good in pink and she was smiling all the time. She definitely knew that the day was all about her. Kairo was also there as a big sister and showing her lots of love. Kairo does enjoy being a big sister and it suits her because she loves Asante a lot. All Dj Zinhle close friends attended the party, and Bongz was also there to see his daughter growing up. Bongz is a happy man and loves his family a lot, this was the big day and they all went out.




She shares a special message with Bongz that their girl is now grown. Time really travels fast, not long ago Asante was born. Dj Zinhle and Bongz were very happy that they have a beautiful kid together, and they are willing to make her life successful and protect her always. Asante is very lucky to have such an amazing parents. She will look back one day and see how much her parents love her and willing to do anything, and make memories together as a family. Dj Zinhle is very proud.

Moozlie is one the people who organized the birthday party for Asante as Dj Zinhle claims. She is really lucky to have such friends, Moozlie is a very thoughtful person to do this for Dj Zinhle. Moozlie will one day have children too and Dj Zinhle will be honored to do the same thing for them. Moozlie knows that Dj Zinhle has been good to her, that is why she works for her and growing the business together. Asante has beautiful people around her, she will grow up as a gril who have a business vision too.