Dj Zinhle ‘s boyfriend Murda Bongs has allegedly purchased a new set of teeth

Bongani Mohosana, popularly known as Murda Bongs is a South African musician, best known as half of the popular dance group Black Motion. The band is known for their gold selling album fortune teller in 2014, with their hit single Rainbow.

The musician is currently dating, popular DJ, Zinhle Jiyane known as Dj Zinhle. The couple made their relationship public in 2021, and they welcomed their first child together last year September. A beautiful baby girl named Asante.

He briefly appeared on Dj Zinhle’s reality tv show last year on BET, The Unexpected in 2021.







Bongani does not smile in most of his pictures and someone once asked if he ever smile? Looks like he had a reason not to or why he did not like smiling as much.

The Dj is said to have purchased a new set of teeth. His smile looks different and judging from his previous pictures his smile looks completely different from before.

Here are pictures of before and after below:

His smile definitely improved and he looks so good, hope to see him smiling more in pictures.


There is a saying that, if you do not like something, change it. A smile is one of the most important things in a person’s appearance, it shows their mood and it is huge confidence booster.

People work on their smiles all the time, many people had to wear braces for months or even years, some get veneers just so they can have great smiles and not avoid smiling or not have the confidence to smile.