Dj Zinhle Reveals How Heartbroken She Is After She Found Out Her Employee Has Beeh Recording Her Cal

This is so heartbreaking for dj zinhle and out of all people she is the last person to be going through this.

Dj Zinhle is not just an amazing and successful dj and hit maker, she is also a successful business woman. She has multiple businesses and all of them seem to be doing really well. She has a hair business, called hairmajesty by dj zinhle, she has a jewelry business called Era by dj zinhle and lastly, she is a CEO of boulevard.



With all these businesses it means that the dj has employees working for her and this is very good in our economy. She is providing job opportunities and this is exactly what people need. Nonetheless, the dj has just revealed how heartbroken she is after she found out her employee has been recording her calls. What she is asking herself is what was this employee going to do with these recordings. This is so sad because now it looks as if trust is broken. We hope she will be able to sort everything out.