Dj Zinhle Publicly Expressed Her Love For Somizi After Somizi Showed Her Support

One thing you can never be sure about or confirm is the weather and the friendships of these south African celebrities. I mean one day they are all friends and besties and then the next they cannot even stand each other. I mean look at Somizi and Unathi, the wto was such good friends that they worked together on idols and also unathi has once featured on Somizi’s TV reality show. But currently the two are not friends anymore and Somizi made that very clear in his new season of Living the dream with somizi.





Now on the flip side, it looks like not all is lost friendship wise for somizi. Dj zinhle just publicly expressed how much she loves somizi, she posted that on Instagram after somizi had shown her so much support in supporting her business. Somizi posted a video on Instagram where he said he will.always support his friends businesses and amongst those businesses was dj Zinhle’s alcohol brand. Zinhle was clearly overwhelmed with the support from somizi that she took to her Instagram to share that she loves him.