Dj Zinhle makes Asante sleep on video call|| super cute

Dj Zinhle shares beautiful video of baby Asante falling off to sleep while on video call with her.

Being a working mother isn’t easy, sometimes you are not able to be there for your children due to work. Luckily we have video calls now days. DJ Zinhle shared to her Instagram stories a screenshot of her talking to baby Asante on video call. DJ Zinhle then posted a few moments later and another picture of baby Asante sound asleep. DJ Zinhle made sad face as she was probably missing being there to make Asante sleep herself.







DJ Zinhle also shared videos of Asante who is able to crawl perfectly now. She was crawling to kairo’s room. Asante is 9 months old and she is such an adorable little baby.

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