DJ Zinhle is over the moon as she shares Asante’s moments crawling for the first time.





It’s interesting how we can’t wait for our children to grow up when they’re young. And as kids become older, we wish we could go back in time to when they were little. I believe we simply want them to stay young and be our children forever, which is impossible.

DJ Zinhle has a lot on her plate. We believe she has found her footing with DJ Zinhle’s comedic Era. Because she is more inventive than she has ever been. She’s continuously bringing new stuff, which is great because she offers people what they want.

She is the mother of two lovely daughters who adore one other. With the faces she makes, Asante, her youngest with Murdah Bongz, is becoming Mzansi’s meme. Asante was crawling to reach to her milk bottle, Zinhle captured a lovely moment. Her father, who is now out of the country, was tagged. We all know how he felt about it.