DJ ZINHLE I am feeling incredibly blessed..

Happy Monday!
What a year it has been. I am feeling incredibly blessed..
Have so much to be grateful for , just a few people and friends I would like to mention.
@murdahbongz, I am so thankful that’s it’s you I’m on this journey with. You complete me. ❤️

@kairo.forbes, the rest of my family and friends for your love and support. You guys are my greatest blessing. Your support keeps me going…
My team and business partners, thank you for your understanding, hard work and dedication but mostly for continuing to respect and honour the our vision.
Baby Asante & @kairo.forbes.. I have no words… My entire 🌎
Photography: @samphiriphotography
Wall artwork: @kikkiandfranki
Baby room paint: @splashcoatingsafrika
Baby room furniture: @iambornfabulous