DJ Zinhle goofs around her baby daddy Murdah Bongz as he plays his set.

Love you will make you do crazy things. You will do things that you don’t normally do. It is one of those things that come naturally. Love makes one feel safe and most importantly happy. Which is what everyone wants. We need to allow ourselves to be happy and enjoy life.

Murdah Bongz is a member of Black Motion. The musician is now a dj following in his baby mama DJ Zinhle’s footsteps. He goes by the name or Morda. These two always cause a frenzy whenever rather step out. Their love is beautiful and fans love seeing it. And we don’t blame them.






They now have gigs together, which is what everyone one wants. To have someone who loves you whom you do everything with. She shared a pictures of them together djing, she’s all over him on the pictures. Happiness is clearly reflecting on them. It is good to see Zinhle this happy.