DJ Zinhle Disrespected Her Baby Daddy Publicly Again

It must be nice, having to post two men post you on social media, when some men are not even posted by one woman on Father’s day. Today is father’s day, and men are expecting to be shown appreciation.

DJ Zinhle has her first born daughter with AKA, who is a South African rapper. She also has a daughter with Murdahbongz, who is also a producer and DJ


Understandably so, AKA will always be part of DJ Zinhle’s life, but there are certain things which are hard to understand, and obviously not meant to be understood by most people.

DJ Zinhle posted both fathers of her kids, and wished them a happy father’s day. She posted AKA on Twitter , and Murdahbongz on Instagram. Most people commented that she wasn’t being fair on her current boyfriend and baby daddy. Some asked why she couldn’t just send AKA a private message without having to embarrass her baby daddy publicly.