DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz celebrate their daughter Asante being 9 months old.

It’s important to celebrate our children’s wins and loses. In a way it works on their self esteem and also knowing that they are loved unconditionally. They will look back on the memories from the pictures and see the beautiful memories that they have. One of the recent fashionable things that has come into play lately, is celebrating every month until a child turns 1.

DJ Zinhle had her daughter Asante unexpectedly. It was unexpectedly because she had never mentioned having more children. Nonetheless she has made everyone around her very happy and they all love her dearly.





The DJ and her baby daddy Murdah Bongz have been celebrating her every month. She’s officially nine months old, only left with three months before she turns one. Her father shared a picture of a cake that they got her. While her mother shared a picture of her licking her fingers that have cream from the cake.