DJ Zinhle and her big sister welcome their sister-in-law with smiles by wrapping her a with blanket.

It is every bride’s wish to marry into a family that accepts and loves her like their own. Most mother in laws have made a bad name for themselves because of how they treat their daughter in laws. Which is why brides tend to have a bit of anxiety.

DJ Zinhle is the third child from four children. In her family there are two boys and two girls. She works closely with her big sister, Gugulethu and younger brother, Zenzele. The dj works very hard on brand that is responsible for many people.




Her little brother got engaged on her reality show The Unexpected season two. Over the weekend he had his weddings. His wife Kholiwe who also works for Era by DJ Zinhle, shared some glimpses from the weddings. In one of the pictures Zinhle and Gugulethu are wrapping her with a blanket. She goes on to gush over them and how she has left her family and joined another family. This goes to show that the Jiyane family has shown her nothing but love.