DJ Zinhle | after ignoring Pearl Thusi’s comment on social media, this is what happened

There is a good chance that someone you think is a friend on social media isn’t actually your friend. When you’re treated like a nobody, it’s impossible to be upbeat. Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle, according to South African media, have recently been involved in a stormy relationship.

A trip to Paris is apparently in order for Zinhle and her new baby daddy, Murdah Bongz. To keep things light, they decided to upload pictures of themselves online while they were having fun. According to the caption, Zinhle, Murdah Bongz’s Zulu girlfriend, is the love of his life. Originally from South Africa, Murdah Bongz is a rapper.





Pearl Thusi, a previous live Amp presenter, called the evening “very great.” Zinhle professed her love for her lover in a Facebook comment she sent on his wall. She purposefully opted to ignore Pearl’s statement in order to avoid offending her. It’s strange that they’re completely ignoring each other. Finally, Pearl Thusi’s comment was taken down. It’s unclear who was responsible for taking this page down. Who knows? It could be Pearl after all.

The public learned of Pearl and Dj Zinhle’s enmity following the memorial service for Riky Rick. Awkwardly, Dj Zinhle didn’t post any pictures of Pearl Jam on his website. Perhaps the two are no longer friends since they have stopped photographing each other.

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‘s possible that your friend on social media is ignoring you while lavishing attention on someone else. When you’re the only one left in the dark, it’s devastating to feel like a nobody. What Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle have been up to recently is exactly this sort of thing.

There is currently a vacation to Paris taking place with Zinhle’s boyfriend, known as “Murdah Bongz,” and her DJ partner. While they were having a nice time, the two of them decided to publish pictures of themselves on social media. As Murdah Bongz made clear in his description of her, Zinhle is Murdah Bongz’ Zulu wife.