DJ Zinhle A No Show For Daughter’s First Day At School?

DJ Zinhle is a South African DJ, and business woman. Recently, on her reality show, she actually allowed viewers into her home, and she they got to see a side of her that they didn’t know. She usually chooses to show people what she wishes for them to see on her social media platforms.


She is a mother of two beautiful girls, and and they have different fathers. She has revealed on her reality show that her first born daughter is always, and forever at her grandmother’s place, who happens to be AKA’s mother. It is also visible on Instagram that AKA’s mother is always with her grand child.

Today, Kairo started her first day at school, and DJ Zinhle didn’t seem to be there for the first day. AKA seemed to be the one who took her to school, and also picked her up. Special days like these are not supposed to be missed like this. However, maybe there were other urgent things that she had to attend to.