DJ Sumbody’s bodyguard Shawn Xo who survived the shooting has passed away in hospital after 2 weeks

DJ has lost his life along with his security. They perished while protecting him. The only individuals who know the truth about the shooting are the victims and those who committed the act. Apparently, another security guard was behind the car in which the DJ was riding.

He was following him wherever they were going. Apparently, he was also shot during the incident, and he was sent to a hospital after sustaining injuries.

After two weeks of fighting for his life, he eventually lost it. Mr. Shawn Xo is the bodyguard’s name. People were unaware of him prior to his death, but he is now well known.

They dedicated their lives for him, thus they are deserving of respect and recognition. They sacrificed their lives while on duty and made every effort to defend him in any way possible. His soul shall rest in peace.




Sbu is the name of the bodyguard who was shot alongside DJ Somebody.

Being a bodyguard can be quite dangerous. Once you become a bodyguard for someone, you sign up for their life. You can lose yourself in the process of helping your employer or protecting your boss. This young man sacrificed his life before his time because he was protecting his…

“But he failed to fulfill his job,” check what they are talking about with Dj Sumbody’s bodyguard, who died as well.

A hail of gunshots killed well-known musician DJ Sumbody and another person he was traveling with shortly after midnight. The Ayep Yep and Monate Mpolaye musician “ran into an unfortunate situation that resulted in his passing,” according to a statement from Sumsounds Music.


A few days ago, the South African entertainment industry lost someone who had a significant impact on the music industry, despite being relatively new. They were able to make their mark on the industry and release music that will be remembered by many.

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