DJ Sumbody helped my husband who comes from a poor family. Angela tweets about Amapiano DJ

Angela Molele found herself going through a range of emotions after the death of DJ Sumbody. Her husband relocated to another place to look for a better life, where he met the late DJ. While she has a heavy heart, she is also thankful for what he has done for his husband, and they are now living a better life because of his good heart.

“My husband comes from a very poor background. One day he decided to pack his bags and go look for a better life in Pretoria (not knowing where he was going to sleep or what he was going to eat). He then met a Good Samaritan by the name of DJ Sumbody in the taxi. They had a chat.” And clicked immediately. Sumby gave Vettys his numbers (not knowing that he was actually stranded). Vettys then memorised the numbers and till today he still knows his numbers off by heart! The duo has been inseparable since then. Sumby has since treated Vettys like his brother.”

The life I have and know today is all thanks to these 2 guys and I’m shattered that I’ve lost the one soldier of the Tom and Jerry duo.”

When you are no longer alive, you will be reminded of the things you have been doing all along, and it is good that DJ Sumbody has helped many people become better because of him. People are not perfect, but if you are determined to do something beautiful, it will not be erased. Even though you are no longer alive, you should have a good image among the people.

It would be amazing for them to also help someone in need. It does have to end with you, and life continues. The journey of life is different for a lot of people, and people choose to do what they want to. Some things are beyond your control, and you can only react to them. It is also smart to prepare for something that would happen, and you will do better handling it.