DJ Shimza is rumoured to be dating Athi Gibela after she posted

Dj Shimza was rumoured to be dating the head of digital communication in the presidency’s office after pictures of them having the same background surfaced. They were at a sneakers store, and they have both posted on social media, but neither one of them has admitted to being dating. Even to date, it had not been confirmed, and Shimza had not trended for dating someone else.



What is known about Shimza is that she has a daughter with whom she posts pictures on social media. Now there is a picture of DJ Shimza and Athi being together from one of the countries that is having a desert. It is not clear according to the picture, and it could be anywhere around the world. They are looking happier together.

Some of those pictures, which are posted by Shimza, could have been taken by Gibela. What it is that is happening in their lives at the moment that made her pay attention on social media with DJ Shimza The Thembisa DJ has been accused of getting tenders from the government because he is dating someone who is close to the South African president.

When MacG interviewed him, he did ask if he was having any business with money laundering or getting deals from the government. Those are allegations, and yet until today there had been no report that Shimza was benefiting from his network or connections with Anathi.

“This past Saturday17 December 2022, Shimza hosted his largest one man show to date at the Sun Arena in Pretoria. This is as Shimza, ahead of the actual event, had already confirmed that the tickets to the event were sold out, and during the festivities, Shimza proved it with an image of the sold out crows shared on his social media.”

“As early as November 2020, it was rumoured that Shimza and Spokesperson to the Presidency, Athi Geleba were an item. This was due to the two having had posted images from Shimza’s closet, which social media were quick to put two and two together and decide that the two were actually an item. However, at the time Shimza and Athi had kept silent on the matter. Fast-forward to May 2021, Shimza and Athi’s then speculated relationship was back making headlines.”