DJ Sbu Shows Love & Admiration To BI Phakathi

DJ Sbu Sets The Record Straight Regarding BI Phakathi

DJ Sbu recant his statement About BI Phakathi’s popularity.

The radio DJ and entrepreneur Sbusiso Leope voiced out his opinion about celebrities and followers. DJ Sbu has over a million followers on his Facebook page which proves his relevance and popularity in the entertainment industry. Social media has changed the game when it comes to fame, it seems almost anyone can have a large following if they create contents that are eye catching. It seems the DJ has a problem with those who have a large following.

He recently posted on his Facebook page stating that he was about to unfollow “celebrities” who don’t follow any single person back. He mocked those people stating that they should at least give him a reason why he shouldn’t unfollow them since they sit on a higher seat than most.

“I’ve decided to stop following people who follow 0 people. I don’t Khe who you are. Make it make sense. Why must we continue to follow you?

Clearly you’re a Selebrithi Supasta mostaan. You don’t need us. Phela i”Cell – ye – Bhetri” needs supercharging njalo nje.

Hhayi Tsek, thin’abanye ngeke s’khone.

Hamban’ nodlalela kude le esgangeni nama Fan wenu 🤣”

A fan by Amun-Ra AncientGod challenged the DJ to Unfollow BI Phakathi since he follows zero people on his Facebook page. The Dj was quick respond by declaring his admiration for BI Phakathi.

Amun-Ra AncientGod

Start by unfollowing BI Phakathi

DJ Sbu

We love our brother BI Phakathi. This post not about him.