Dj Sbu reveals how much money he makes per month

He is making a lot of money

Dj Sbu has taken it to social media to reveal how much he makes per month. Remember that Dj Sbu now works independently, he has a podcast where he interviews celebrities and entrepreneurs like him. He also owns multiple products under his name, not to forget that he is also a musician.



Dj Sbu shares with his followers on how much money he makes per month. This came as a shock to many people because they say it is a lot of money. Dj Sbu claims that he makes R50 000 per money, and it is not all for him alone.

He reveals that he supports his family, pays for funeral policies and other expenses. I have to say that he uses his money very wisely because he works hard for it. Many of his followers on social media look up to him.