DJ Sbu leaves his fans mushy over his daughter selling Mofaya.

One of the things that separates black people back from the white people, is how we raise our children. Black people don’t involve their children in their family business and that’s why we have a problem. The children grow up to bring the business down. While white people train their children from a very young age.






DJ Sbu is a former musician, television and radio presenter turned businessman. He has been in the industry for many years now. He previous worked on Metro FM and also presented Friends like this. He is now focused on his business Mofaya. Which started off as an energy drink and has gone on to even have soft drinks as well.

He has a daughter whom he calls Wawa. He shared a cute moment of the little princess in her Mofaya apron, covering her head and selling the energy drinks. He is teaching her how to talk to the customers and of course taking the money. This is a beautiful thing to