DJ Sbu Issues A Public Warning

Entrepreneur and DJ, Sbusiso Leope issues a public warning on his social media. The radio DJ seems to have had it with those who plan to push his buttons, it’s common knowledge that social media has its pros and cons. A number of people have fallen victim to cyber bullying, this includes public figures. The DJ is no exception as he addressed the issue of being harrased online.

He posted on his Facebook page, directly talking to trolls who are hoping to get a a clapback from the star. He stated that the only way he will deal with people who provoke him is to simply block them.



Don’t ever expect no clapbacks from me.

You troll, you get blocked immediately & we keep it moving like nothing happened!”

The message was pretty clear even though his followers decided to turn it into a joke as many cracked jokes laughing at the matter.




How do you deal with trolls on social media?