Dj Sbu is living a lavish lifestyle, check out his pictures in real life: SA celeb living lifestyle.

Mzansi was really impressed after Dj Sbu uploaded his pictures on social media where by his fans spotted his new pictures and they were so excited to see the pictures of their role model. Dj Sbu has managed to put himself on the spotlight of the entertainment industry as he is famously known as the former host of SABC1 show which is friends like these.






Dj Sbu is a man who wears many hats. The DJ, whose actual name is Sbusiso Leope, is a famous disk jockey, a TV and radio host, a track producer, and an mounted entrepreneur. He is a darling to many in his country due to the fact he encourages and advises the youth to make something out of themselves. He presents entrepreneurship classes and has a big heart for the unemployed youth in South Africa.

Dj Sbu is a man who lives upon his own principles and rules and that is why he is managing to achieve so many things in his life.