DJ Sbu Had Visited A Penniless Former Actor Vusimusi Thanda

Finacial intelligence is not an inborn character,many people are struggling to sustainably control their finances,even those who earns way beyond their expenses sometimes found themselves stuck in the loans that runs their pockets dry.Many popular people had committed this mistake and became a laughingstock.Some of the careers are so short that one has to spend wisely and look for other cash generating opportunities while he/she is still active.The music artists,the actors,the television personalities and the footballers to name the few,are earning a reasonable monthly salaries that are desired by many ordinary people.The



unfortunate part of these careers is the fact that they don’t have benefits once one is off the screen,they find themselves had to survive with what they will be having at that moment.Some of the celebrities are just one pay check away from being poor due to wasteful expenditures.The former actor of Emzini Wezinsizwa and the queen Vusimusi Thanda took a brave stand last week and opened up on social media about his financial status.Vusimusi Thanda asked the south african good samaritans to atleast give him something between ten rand and above,he presented his account number to the public.Many south africans were touched by their former actor and came to his aid,Thanda is reported to have made more than hundred thousand rands in a space of a day or two.The south Africans are very generous,in the past few weeks,a well known musician Doctor Malinga came out crying after he was left penniless by south african revenue services.The musical artist and television personality who is popularly known as Dj Sbu had paid Vusimusi Thanda a visit after he learnt that he hasn’t been coping financially.Though Sbu hasn’t disclosed how much he gave to Vusimusi Thanda,the duo were seen happily sharing the smiles after their meeting.Dj Sbu shouldn’t have made show of Vusi Thanda,he should have donated secretly like all other south africans.